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Premier Engineering and Surveying is a professional service provider headquartered in Laredo, Texas. The firm offers complete engineering and surveying services; utilizing state of the art equipment throughout South and West Texas; with a specialization in the oil and gas industry.


Premier is a “Safety First” organization. Our personnel are equipped with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) including Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, Safety Vest, Steel Toe Boots, Gloves, Fire Retardant Clothing (FRC’s), H2s Monitors, etc.

Our field crews are mobile and we can accommodate your Texas needs.


Premier Engineering Surveying represents a team of knowledgeable seasoned professionals with a commitment for quality, timeliness, and consistency on every project. Team qualifications include the following certifications:

  • TXDOT pre-certified

  • HUB/DBE/MBE certified

  • IS Networld certified

  • Safeland USA certified

  • Veriforce certified

  • H2s certified

  • OSHA certified

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